My life was terrible before I was brought to prison. There were many opportunities that I could hear the Word of God before I came to prison. Many pastors and Christians came to my place to share the good news but I scorned and ignored them because my gods were alcohol, cigarette, gambling and drugs. I have done all kinds of evil. I spent most of my time with my friends because I thought that they are the ones who give me pleasure. I have a wife and children. Of course I love them but my friends were more important than my family to me in those days. I continued to do bad things and I thought that it is okay. I often quarreled with my wife and my children suffered as a result. Now I am confined here in jail to pay the price for my sin, but I thank God for bringing me here because God led me to know the love of God through Jesus Christ and He is correcting my mistakes and teaching me how to live this life.

I praise God for His unfailing grace and mercy!