AFJC usually visits Philippines Orthopedic Center to minister to the sick every Thursday. When we visited the Orthopedic Center on the 2nd week of October 2017, I felt that God was leading me to visit the last room in the female ward even though I usually minister to the sick in the first room. So I went to the last room and started to share God’s Word. While I was sharing, I heard someone crying and I tried to find who is crying. I looked around and found a very skinny lady crying on her bed. When I finished sharing in that room, I approached her and started conversation.

Her name is Daisy Nolida, 28 years old. When she worked in Saudi Arabia her boss tried to rape her, so she tried to find a way to escape but the only way to run away from him was to jump out of the window. Even though her place was on the 3rd floor she still jumped.  As a result of it some of her bones were broken and she was unable to move. Fortunately, someone helped her to come back to Philippines for a treatment. She was brought to the orthopedic hospital to treat her broken bones.

I asked her why she was crying. She told me that she came from Muslim background and she knows that she is a sinner and God punished her. I told her that Jesus loves her so much; Jesus accepts her as who she is and Jesus forgives all her sins if she accepts him and asks him for his forgiveness. So she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Then I told her that Jesus can heal her broken bones; Jesus is our great healer! I prayed for God’s healing to come upon her. One week later, I visited her again and asked her how she is. She said that she can move some part of her body now. The doctor said that she no longer needs any surgery because her broken bones are restored. The doctor said that it is a miracle! Now, she is discharged from the hospital and has gone back home in Mindanao.

We praise God and give glory to God for He is the one who healed the broken heart and the broken bones as well.