My name is Arnel Manansala. I have a wife and children. I used be one of the most famous people in the place where I used to live. Because of the bad influences of people around me I learned to indulge myself with bad vices, cigarette, alcohol, gambling and drugs. Because nothing could fully satisfy me, I decided to be a pusher of drugs. I felt happy with my life because I could have a lot of friends and it satisfied me.
My wife often argued with me because of my vices. I thought it is okay and I did not pay attention to what my wife and my children advised me, so I continued to do evil things. I was happy; I was satisfied with my vices. But one day I faced a very big problem that messed up my life and my family. Because I involved in dealing drugs I was caught by policemen. I was pushed to participate in this SIPAG program – a program organized by the government for drug addicts, and I thank God for this opportunity. As AFJC has been continuously teaching the Word of God, God changed me bit by bit and I realized
that drug cannot satisfy me with anything good but it has ruined my life and my family.

Now, I attend the SIPAG program not for the sake of attendance to avoid going to jail but because it helps me to know the Lord and it helps my life to be transformed by the Word of God. God has been correcting me and He has been restoring my relationship with my wife and my children as well. We are happy as a family and I’m thankful to God.

Thank AFJC! Thank you Lord!