Violy Tingson

Violy Tingson

Violy was raised in a non-Christian family in the province of Bohol. She found out about Jesus when she arrived in the city of Manila. Since then, she has been attending and serving in a local church as a worship leader. She is married to Vivencio and they have a big family.

Location: Metro Manila
Hobby: Sewing and singing worship songs
Working Days: Monday to Friday

Violy’s desire to be involved with mission led her to join Ambassadors for Jesus Christ. At first, she was just volunteering for the feeding program but later on, she was actively involving with all other ministries such as hospital outreach and prison outreach during the first years of AFJC. She gradually embraced AFJC’s vision and has willingly accepted the call to be a part of the team back in 2012. She is deeply moved to see the lost accepting Jesus as the gospel is being preached to them.

“I am greatly challenged by our leader’s life testimony, Alvin, that even though he is not a local, he wants to see the natives getting saved.”

Currently, she is the coordinator of the Hospital Outreach and is involved in discipling juveniles, teaching inmates, sharing God’s word to the students, praying for the sick, reaching out to the drug surrenders and feeding the poor. She dreams to see AFJC expanding until it reaches many nations in all parts of the world. She hopes to do more for the Kingdom of God together with the team until the coming of the Lord and many shall be saved.