Lily Sebelina

Lily Sebelina
Intercession Coordinator

Lily was raised in a non-Christian family in the province of Masbate. She found out about Jesus when she arrived in the city of Manila. Since then, she has been attending and serving in a local church as a leader. She has a daughter named Lovely.

Location: Metro Manila
Hobby: Gardening and reading Christian literature
Working Days: Monday to Friday

Lily started volunteering for Ambassadors for Jesus Christ since 2013 during the Feeding Program in Tondo, Manila Philippines. As her first time experiencing to minister to others by serving the hot champorado (sweet chocolate rice porridge) to the people without any condition, she only saw many people needing love. She saw the long lines of people waiting for their food and she felt the touch of the Holy Spirit telling her that these people are hungry and need to be fed. As soon as she went back home, she could not forget what she saw in that feeding site and from there she had the burden to do more ministering for the Kingdom of God.

“I am looking unto Jesus, seeing myself as part of His body; to be used for His glory, His kingdom, and especially to those who don’t know Jesus yet.”

Currently, she is the coordinator of the AFJC intercession team and is involved in discipling juvenile girls, teaching inmates, sharing God’s word to the students, praying for the sick, reaching out to the drug surrenders and feeding the poor. She longs to see more souls to be saved through the ministries and outreaches in the Weekly Operations and the evangelistic meetings in every Transformation Project. She also wants to see AFJC, equipped with anointing, enlarging Jesus’ territory and doing the mission all over Asia as her heart’s desire is to fulfill the great commission together with the AFJC team.