Imari Quebrar

Imari Quebrar
Multimedia Staff

Imari was from a Christian family. She started involving herself in the ministry at the age of 13. She has been a Sunday school teacher, a part of Music team as keyboardist, youth leader with administrative role, and the head of the multimedia team. She is now married to David and together they are serving the Lord through missions.

Location: Metro Manila
Working Days: Monday to Friday

Imari long knew she has heart for missions and was always available for any ministry back in her home church. Aside from her ministry role, she was doing well working as a customer care representative in a competitive company and was up for promotion. She was able to give up the good salary and the corporate world when the opportunity came for her to do creative works for Ambassadors For Jesus Christ. She started as a part-time staff but later on compelled by her passion for arts and the ministry to become a full time staff.

“I want to be always available whenever or wherever He would call me.”

Imari is now part of the administration team of AFJC working as a multimedia staff and is in charge of promotional videos, social media management, digital graphic design, and events production. She is looking forward to see AFJC having multiple centers across Asia and discipling future staffs and volunteers and mentoring multimedia teams.