Gloria Cahilig

Gloria Cahilig
Feeding Program Coordinator

Gloria is living in her humble home with her sons, grandchildren and her blind husband. She is an active member of her local church. She used to sell food on the street but now she mainly supports her family with her work in AFJC. Her son, Erick, is an epileptic but makes a living by collecting garbage.

Location: Metro Manila
Working Days: Monday to Friday

Gloria is an active member of her local church and often times volunteers as a cook for workers and the ministry. Her joy is to be able to serve good for her church mates. Though her big family used to be living inadequately, she was responsible and hardworking enough to sustain her family needs.

“It is the will of God to bring me to AFJC and it is for me to grow.”

Currently, she is the coordinator for Feeding Program and is involved sharing God’s word to the students, and praying for the sick. She is looking forward to see AFJC fulfilling its God-given vision and partake in its mission.