Allan Adorna

Allan Adorna
Core Leader

Allan grew up in a Christian family in Caloocan. He is the oldest of three siblings and a fiancé to Kristine. He is now serving as a Youth Pastor in Christ is the Answer Prayer House Assembly of God and he is also involved in the music ministry as drummer.

Location: Metro Manila
Working Days: Monday to Friday

Allan has been involved with AFJC since December 2011. At that time he was praying to God as he wanted to be used by God. Then he met Alvin and that time he was looking for people to help him for the crusade. He volunteered as a musician for the crusade and also helped as an interpreter as he was preaching the Gospel to the people. As he heard Alvin’s vision, he heard the call by God with the urgency and the need to partake and make it happen for God’s Kingdom. That was the time that he decided to join the AFJC and see the vision come to pass.

“The safest place here in this world is none other than walking according to God’s calling for you.”

Now, he is involved with teaching the juveniles in Bahay Pag-Asa and discipling the drug surrenderists from the spiritual wellness program and see their lives changed by the Word of God and encourage them to keep their faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. He is also in charge of the logistics of AFJC. He is looking forward to see that God will use AFJC to bring revival and proclaim the Gospel to every nation.