TC2019: As You See The Day Approaching

Last 25 May 2019, AFJC had its second Transformation Conference. Following the Transformation Conference 2017, this year’s theme is ‘As You See the Day Approaching’. Even though we are living in the tail of the last days, many Christians live a compromising and complacent life as if the Day is not coming. This is an important time for God’s church and Christ’s follower to be awake and to be reminded of who we should be and what we...


12 Drug Addicts Restored Through The Word of God

God has given us an opportunity to minister to the Drug addicts who have surrendered in Gen. T. Barangay and we call this program “SIPAG”. Drug addiction is one of the main causes of family dysfunction and it leads to destroy the lives of family members and even bring harm to the community they belong to. Through SIPAG ministry, the drug surrenders have opportunities to hear the Word of God and many of them are delivered from drug addiction...


God Opens a Familiar Door for the Rebirth of a Ministry

AFJC used to minister to patients in Calalang General Hospital until early 2016, however as God had drastically expanded AFJC ministries (Weekly Operations) we had to pull out our ministry from Calalang Hospital for a season. Recently AFJC made decision by the guidance of the Holy Spirit to go back to Calalang Hospital to share Gospel and pray for the sick. Last Thursday, 12 people came to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Now AFJC is ministering...


Transformation Project 2018: Sta. Maria and San Jose Bulacan

The “Transformation Project” is AFJC’s tool to help the partnering churches partake in the “Great Commission” through evangelism conferences and evangelistic crusades. This time, we partnered with churches from Sta. Maria and San Jose, Bulacan and worked with them for the gospel work in the province in the month of May. We did a couple of meetings with the pastors, casting our vision, doing the prayer walk in the city, and surveying the land within 3 months before the actual...