Last April, AFJC team went to Palawan to do the Transformation Project. The boys’ team arrived in Palawan on April 12 by ferry and the girls’ team arrived on the 15th by plane. Upon arriving, the team prepared for about a week before conducting the first event of the project, the One More Soul ‘OMS’ Conference.

April 24, we held the One More Soul ‘OMS’ Conference in CAP Building in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. The goal of this event is to equip, empower and ignite the passion of every believer to partake in the great commission through partnering with the local churches. Also, our hope is that by our partnership with the local churches, the body of Christ will be strengthened and will unite for the greater cause, to see more souls being saved and brought to the kingdom of God.

Ps. David, together with Ps. Allan, booked a conference hall beforehand as the venue for the OMS Conference. The nanays took responsibility of the lunch and snacks of more than 300 delegates. The delegates also received OMS Booklets, GRACE Gospel Tract, Prayer Cards prepared by the team.

The conference was excitedly attended by the local church members of the different partner churches from Palawan. They were very responsive. They enjoyed the fellowship with different churches. Most importantly, we saw how they are willing to be part of the great commission after the conference. After that conference, most of the churches started to invite more people to bring to our Evangelistic Crusade and most of them are so eager to share the gospel to the lost. One group of young people organized an evangelistic youth night in their church, and we received a lot of praise report that every Sunday, the Lord brought new people through the believers who were empowered though our OMS Conference.

April 25, we held the Disciple Maker Class in ICC church in Puerto Princesa Palawan. We gathered the pastors and leaders of the partnering churches to ignite their passion in providing follow-up and discipleship to the new believers and discuss them 3 lessons of basic foundations they can teach to the new believers to grow in their faith. The Disciple Maker Class is a half day event for the church leaders where we provide the materials and lunch for free. During the half-day class, we experienced a power interruption, but instead of being distracted, the delegates became more focused in listening to the class. After the class they were very eager to teach and pass the lesson to their members.

April 27, we had the Youth4YAH: The Youth Night in Church of Praise to inspire the youth to have passion for Jesus and compassion for the lost. This is also a part of the AFJC Transformation Project.

Many youths attended that night. They were excited because some youth groups are invited to be part of the program. Some youths had dance presentations, some sang with their music teams, some did spoken word. All of them are so passionate giving back their talents for the Lord.

After the presentations and performances, Ps. David delivered the Word of God to them and led them to respond to the altar call. During altar call, almost 85% responded and surrendered their lives fully to the will of God and we also witnessed 12 young people who responded to the call in the ministry to be servants of God.

After that event, we received a lot of praise reports like some of the young people who responded to the call of God shown interest to go to Bible School to be trained as a minister of the gospel. On top of that, one of the churches had their 1st youth service because someone, inspired and empowered by the love of God from the youth night, stood up in faith to lead the young people to Christ.

We are happy that the young people are getting more passionate for Jesus. Please continue to pray for these young people that the Lord will continue the fire in their hearts to love Him more and to fulfill the great commission.

April 28 came, the day for the last and the most awaited event – the Gospel Music Festival. AFJC held the Gospel Music Festival (evangelistic crusade) that night in Mendoza Park. We initially planned to have it in a different venue, but due to the local government event, the Lord allowed us to move to different place. The night before the crusade, a building nearby the venue was on fire. By God’s grace, the venue was not affected. The enemy was so keen to stop the gospel crusade, but God is good, the Gospel Music Festival was attended by many souls. The night was filled with God’s grace as they receive the message of salvation, delivered by Evangelist Alvin, and healing power of God. Many were healed from their physical problems and many were set free from their emotional issues of unforgiveness and deppression. Continue to pray for the souls as we declare that Puerto Princesa, Palawan is the City of Living God! Watch the Palawan Transformation Project Highlights in our YouTube channel: AFJC Ambassadors For Jesus Christ. To God be the glory!

God indeed is faithful; He provided everything we needed, including the expense needed for this event. We saw God’s favor upon every step of the way. Our prayer is that the Lord will continue to anoint AFJC to be an effective tool in equipping, empowering and igniting the passion of the believers in fulfilling the great commission. To God be the glory!

Aside from the usual Transformation Project event, we also took the opportunity to minister to a tribal community in Palawan and to the Iwahig Prison & Penal Farm, or known as the ‘Prison Without Walls’.

March 25, 2014 is the first time AFJC visited Iwahig Prison & Penal Farm. Last April 18, we visited the same prison and ministered to the inmates. We want to encourage the brethren who already know Jesus and share the gospel to those who does not know Jesus yet. We cooked food to bless the inmates. They welcomed us with their songs and testimonies that really encouraged us. MJ shared the Word of God to them, with the help of our pastor friend, and coordinator, Ps. Mario, who interpreted for her. The inmates were really touched and comforted by the Word because it is seldom they had families visiting them. When they listen and study the Word of God, they find peace and joy, and their hearts are filled with the love of God. We praise God that He provided for the food that we cooked for them, even though we are tightly budgeting the funds to have enough for the rest of the project. Pray with us that Lord will strengthen their faith through despite their situation. To God be the glory!

April 20, we visited a tribal community in Narra, Palawan. This is the first time AFJC will be ministering to a tribal people group. We wanted to share the love of God to them by giving them relief goods and the Word of God. Narra was a long drive from where we stayed in Palawan. Before going there, we prepared all the gifts – goods, clothing materials, hot meals, school supplies for children and the Word of God.

We separate the adults from the children. We started the program by simply mingling with them. Trying to get to know them, their situation, how they live and what are some of their beliefs. Then after that we gathered them and started sharing the gospel to them. Simultaneously, some of our AFJC staff are playing, singing, dancing and ministering to the children under the tree. After that, we gave them the gifts – school supplies for the children and clothes to everyone. They gladly received the cooked meal and they were able to bring some home for their families who were not able to climb down from the mountain.

The people were very hungry for the Word. They wanted to listen and learn from the Bible more than eating the food that we prepared for them. We know that they felt the love of God with all the gifts and food they received, but we were more blessed to know these people and minister to them. Our prayer is that the Lord may continue to sustain their living through farming, and may God reveal Himself more to these people. We also pray that the nearby churches will reach out to these people with love and minister to them.