Last 25 May 2019, AFJC had its second Transformation Conference. Following the Transformation Conference 2017, this year’s theme is ‘As You See the Day Approaching’. Even though we are living in the tail of the last days, many Christians live a compromising and complacent life as if the Day is not coming. This is an important time for God’s church and Christ’s follower to be awake and to be reminded of who we should be and what we should do as we see the Day approaching.

The conference had a registration fee of Php 150.00 which is inclusive of lunch, refillable water bottle and a free t-shirt. Close to 400 people attended the conference where they heard healthy lectures on Evangelism & Discipleship, Biblical Justice and Cross-cultural Mission. For Evangelism & Discipleship, people were inspired to win more souls and disciple new believers as our invited speaker, Rev. Dr. Julius Daoa, convinced the people that now is the harvest time. After the plenary session, we had an open stage for delegates who want to ask anything regarding the topic of Evangelism & Discipleship. Dr. Daoa was very keen to give his answer to the delegates and they were able to learn a lot from the session.

After the session about Evangelism & Discipleship, Evg. Alvin Toh spoke on the topic of Biblical Justice. It was very helpful for the delegates as they were enlightened of how we should look to justice in a biblical perspective. Evg. Alvin was very direct on his call for the Christians to be the answer to Biblical Justice. After the session, we invited some delegates on stage for some discussion regarding a few of the current issues Filipinos face whether they agree or disagree. The first discussion was about lowering the age for criminal liability, followed by the issue whether is it right to accept homosexuals to the family of God. The delegates had different opinions, but it was a healthy discussion that everyone learnt something from.

The last plenary session was on the topic of Cross-cultural Mission discussed by Ps. David Quebrar. As Ps. David shared about his Indian mission trip experience, a lot of people responded to either support or volunteer for any mission work to advance the gospel to every nation as the Lord has commanded us to do.

The day ended with victory. The goal of stirring up the Christians to act as the ‘Day’ is approaching was met. The delegates were fueled up to involve in evangelism and mission. Most of the delegates were looking forward to next year’s Transformation Conference. Continue to pray for the delegates and for more souls to be saved. To God be the glory!