God has given us an opportunity to minister to the Drug addicts who have surrendered in Gen. T. Barangay and we call this program “SIPAG”. Drug addiction is one of the main causes of family dysfunction and it leads to destroy the lives of family members and even bring harm to the community they belong to.

Through SIPAG ministry, the drug surrenders have opportunities to hear the Word of God and many of them are delivered from drug addiction and restored to the normal life as the Word of God has the power to transform lives.  AFJC praise God for His wonderful work through this program for we have witnessed the progressive transformation in the lives of drug surrenders. Many of them have testified how they could be reconciled with their family and how they could have breakthroughs from the craving for drugs. Last April 15, 2018, we witnessed 12 of them graduated from our SIPAG program, and one of our partner churches in that area is following up and helping them to grow in their faith.

AFJC gives glory to the Lord for He is the one who loves and restores the lives of the lost.