AFJC used to minister to patients in Calalang General Hospital until early 2016, however as God had drastically expanded AFJC ministries (Weekly Operations) we had to pull out our ministry from Calalang Hospital for a season.

Recently AFJC made decision by the guidance of the Holy Spirit to go back to Calalang Hospital to share Gospel and pray for the sick. Last Thursday, 12 people came to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Now AFJC is ministering to two hospitals every week. We pray that Holy Spirit will greatly move through our ministry in the hospital outreach to bring hope to the hopeless and to bring lost souls into the kingdom of God.

Hospital Testimony

My name is Jeniffer.

I became to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior in Calalang General Hospital when my son fell sick and his sickness became a serious problem in our family. I thank God for AFJC missionaries who reGularly visit hospital to share the Good News and to pray for the sick. Their sharing and prayer with love deeply touched my heart and led me to come close to the Lord. I learned from them to call upon the name of the LORD whenever I face hardship.

Now I believe God’s healing and saving power for my family as well.

I thank God even for the sickness of my son because He used my son’s sickness to bring me to

Christ in this hospital. Thank you, LORD for your grace that has found me and saved me!