The “Transformation Project” is AFJC’s tool to help the partnering churches partake in the “Great Commission” through evangelism conferences and evangelistic crusades. This time, we partnered with churches from Sta. Maria and San Jose, Bulacan and worked with them for the gospel work in the province in the month of May. We did a couple of meetings with the pastors, casting our vision, doing the prayer walk in the city, and surveying the land within 3 months before the actual events.

Youth4YAH: The Youth Night

On May 12, we had a Youth Night that is called “Youth4YAH” in Santa Maria, Bulacan. The purpose of this event is to ignite the passion for Christ in the hearts of young people by inspiring them to seek God, serve God, and support their pastors for advancing the Kingdom of God.

We witnessed that about 300 young people came for the event, and many of them were inspired to serve God with their whole heart and value their relationship with Him.

We pray that these young people will become the next generation for Jesus Christ to change the world with the Word of God and the love of God.


OMS (One More Soul) Conference

AFJC held an evangelism training conference that is called One More Soul ‘OMS’ Conference in Santa Maria and San Jose in May 2018. This conference is to show the urgency of fulfilling the Great Commission, to inspire church members to have zeal for evangelism and to equip them for sharing Gospel.

237 people attended the conference and many of them were greatly inspired to invite their family and friends to the Crusade and to share Gospel with people who don’t know Jesus yet.

AFJC believes that this conference helps churches and Christians to fulfill the Great Commission.


Transformation Crusade

On 24th of May 2018, AFJC held a Crusade in Santa Maria province. About 500 people came from both Santa Maria and San Jose provinces. It is considered as quite a good number of people when we think that the event was held in a province. It is the fruit of close partnership with local churches in Santa Maria and San Jose.

Evangelist Alvin Toh shared Gospel in the Crusade and many people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. It was one of the amazing crusades we have ever had; so many people responded to the altar call that the front space could not accommodate them all, so there was congestion in every aisle. Nobody asked them to kneel down but everyone who responded to the altar call knelt down on the cement floor. People started to weep here and there, and the weeping spread to the whole crowd. The spirit of repentance touched many hearts on that night.

We also witnessed many miraculous healings;

A guy whose right ear could not hear is healed by the healing power of God. A lady who had eye problem is healed and can see clearly. People who suffered from chest pain and headache are relieved from the pain by the power of Holy Spirit.

We give all the glory to the LORD for it is HIM who touched many hearts and brought many healings.


As the project came to end, we’d always prepare a Pastors’ Appreciation to acknowledge the pastors who partnered with us faithfully throughout the whole project. We brought them to a good restaurant and ate together with them, they shared testimonies of how the conference helped them grow in their passion for sharing the gospel to the lost and how many people showed up in their church the next day for follow up after the crusade. We were overwhelmed by the the good reports and they hope to have another project with us. We are even more surprised when they prepared gifts we did not expect just to thank us for the partnership.

We hope to have more sincere partnership with the churches in our next projects believing that God will provide and make way for us to share the love and share the gospel to Philippines and Asia.