One of the desires of AFJC is to be a catalyst for advancing the Kingdom of God by bringing awakening of fulfilling the Great Commission through evangelism and realization of justice. That is why we came up with an idea of holding a conference that will present this vision to many Christians in different churches. This conference is called “Transformation Conference” and is planned to be held every year.

On 18th of November 2017, the “Transformation Conference” took a place by the grace of God. The conference consists of three sessions and a revival night session in the evening. In the first session, the “Biblical View of Justice” was shared by Ptr. Romeo Gonzales. In the second session, Evangelist Alvin Toh spoke about “Evangelism” and the topic of “World Mission” was shared in the last session by AFJC missionary Mi Jeong Kang. At the end of the “World Mission” session we took an opportunity to commit AFJC India Team to God with prayer.

It was a stunning spectacle to see all delegates wearing “One More Soul for Jesus” t-shirt and holding hands together to unite hearts in prayer in the revival night.

AFJC praise God for the 347 delegates and 60 volunteers from different churches and for the great response to the messages shared in the conference. We have heard some testimonies about how God challenged their heart for mission and how God confirmed His calling upon their life that is to bring more souls for Jesus. There are a lot more different stories that they have experienced during this conference and we hope to have even better conference next year 2018. We give all the glory to our Lord Jesus Christ because He is the one who inspired and empowered His children through this conference.